Tap Dance 1 - Photo by Andy Iorio

Tap is an original American dance form centered on rhythm. In our classes you will learn fundamental tap choreography such as the shuffle, bell change, step-heel, heel-step, and single buffalo. Students are given tap drills to build strength and muscle memory, speed, precision, rhythm, and develop their dance vocabulary. This form of dance trains the ear to focus on specific beat and clarity of sound. Tap dance is also a great cardiovascular workout while still having fun!
We have exciting and entertaining performances with our Ballet recital and our Jazz / Hip-Hop recital. Call us today or stop by and you will see why more families in the Clifton Park area trust us for dance instruction each year over any other dance studio.

Required Dance Wear:

  • School issued uniform t-shirt
  • Black body-suit
  • Black jazz pants
  • Black tap shoes


Dance Class Fees 2016 – 2017

Yearly Registration Fee $35
Dance Classes

  • 30 minute Class: $59 per month
  • 45 minute Class: $64 per month
  • 1st 60 minute Class: $69 per month
  • 2nd 60 minute Class: $64 per month
  • 3rd 60 minute Class: $59 per month
  • 90 minute Class: $90 per month

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Private Dance Lessons

  • 30 minute Lessons: $150 per month
  • 45 minute Lessons: $225 per month
  • 60 minute Lessons: $300 per month