Ballet Dance 2 - Photo by Andy Iorio


Ballet Dance 1 - Photo by Andy Iorio

Classical ballet training improves posture, flexibility, grace and stage presence. The techniques taught in our ballet classes are the framework for all derivative dance styles such as Jazz and Lyrical. This training builds the foundation necessary to jump, turn and move with proper balance and elegant body lines. All fundamentals of barre and centre are given in each class. Our ballet classes are a fun healthy way to exercise. We welcome boys and girls in this dance class.
We have exciting and entertaining performances with our Ballet recital and our Jazz / Hip-Hop recital. Call us today or stop by and you will see why more families in the Clifton Park area trust us for dance instruction each year over any other dance studio.

Required Dance Wear for Girls:

  • Short sleeve black body suit
  • Character skirt
  • Ballet slippers and ballet pink tights (light pink)

Required Dance Wear for Boys:

  • White short-sleeved leotard or well-fitting white tee-shirt
  • Navy shorts worn with a brown leather belt (1” width)
  • White leather or canvas ballet shoes with white elastics
  • White ankle socks


Ballet Dance 3 - Photo by Andy Iorio


Dance Classes

  • 30 minute Class
  • 45 minute Class
  • 1st 60 minute Class
  • 2nd 60 minute Class
  • 3rd 60 minute Class
  • 90 minute Class

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Private Dance Lessons

  • 30 minute Lessons
  • 45 minute Lessons
  • 60 minute Lessons