Rock Band Odyssey

Rock Band Odyssey: Young Artist Development Program

We are so excited to announce the expansion of our student rock band department with "Rock Band Odyssey: Young Artist Development Program". The program will include the addition of audio and video production/recording studios on site. In celebration of the department's expansion, an unprecedented two-part contest is being held.

Local rock band lessons at CM School of Fine Arts


Masterclass Core Curriculum

Some of these topics include:

      • "Know Thyself": Individual artist image and basics of branding
      • Exploration of Rock history/theory/improv
      • Techniques and styles of Songwriting
      • Cultivating “Rock-God Stage Presence”
      • Navigating the ins & outs of the recording studio
      • Introduction to music video production
      • Exclusive Masterclasses led by actual touring rock artists

Rock Band Contest Giveaways:

Contest 1: Best Sound - The student band with the overall best sound will be awarded:

  • Free recording studio session and EP for distribution 
  • VIP performance and release party, held at Putnam Place in Saratoga

Contest 2: Best in “All the Things” - The student band with the very best “All the Things,” including best sound, best band image, best stage presence, (etc.) will be awarded:

  • Free Full Production music video and audio recording studio session
  • Premier Viewing and VIP Party, held at Putnam Place in Saratoga


Student rock bands can enter the contest by submitting an email with video links. Submissions must consist of live video auditions captured by cell phone or digital camera.

For students entering Contest 2 with "All the Things", they must also submit in writing via email an outline story board of their music video with any other informtaion they want to include.

Aplicants for the contest must include in the email (1) names and ages of participating students, (2) current grade in school and school district, (3) name of guardian and guardian contact phone number. Applicants must be under age 18 and currently enrolled in grade school to apply. *Only live video auditions will be accepted. The deadline for entering the contest is Wednesday March 27. Winners will be announced March 30th.

Enrollment to the Rock Band Odyssey: Young Artist Development Program remains open year-round. Additionally, stand-alone masterclasses with guest rock artists are featured throughout the year. For more information on the program including how to enroll and how to enter the contest, please call the school office at (518)383-6654, or reply to this email at