PreSchool Music Classes

Preschool Music Class 3

PreSchool Music Classes

Our Preschool Music Program is a fun and exciting introduction to music classes for children ages 3-5 in a group setting. It is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of music. Preschool music classes are limited to 8 students per class and are 30 minutes once per week. Topics we teach include:

  • Movement and music
  • Learning to sing and listen
  • Making music with percussion instruments
  • Understanding basic rhythms
  • Singing and playing simple melodies
  • Basic note and music symbol recognition
  • Learning to recognize instruments in the orchestra


Preschool Music Class 1 - Photo by Chelsea Schadewald


All our preschool music classes are taught by university-trained instructors with degrees in music, but most important, they have lots of experience and love working with young children. The instructors are patient, fun, and very encouraging. They sequence learning to prepare students to go on to private instrument /voice lessons or more advanced group lessons for when they are older.

The rhythm component is taught through fun games with rhythm sticks, tambourines, triangles, shakers, hand drums, and various other rhythm instruments.

To learn about melody, we enjoy lots of singing while also discovering a variety of pitched musical instruments. Students are taught about high – low sounds, loud – soft, finding good pitch, major – minor tonalities, and more.

Learning basic note and musical symbol recognition to prepare for reading music is the same as learning your alphabet before you discover how to read. Students will get to meet a variety of cute, cuddly friends who guide them in learning to recognize varieties of musical symbols. These symbols consist of treble clef, bass clef, quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, basic volume symbols, and more.

We teach our young musicians how to recognize all the instruments of the orchestra both by sight and sound. By the end of the program, they will be able to quickly tell you if the sound they hear is a trumpet or saxophone by remembering a fun song they heard it played in. They will also have a basic idea of how the instrument makes its sound by having hands-on discovery opportunities throughout the school year.
Preschool Music Class 2 - Photo by Chelsea Schadewald

Our Preschool Music Program has two options:

  1. Level 1- for children ages 3-4 who have not taken our program before
  2. Level 2- for children ages 4-5 (age 4 who have completed our preschool level 1, or age 5 who are new to the program).


For scheduling convenience, students can choose to do our Song & Dance Program which includes the above description followed or preceded by one of our Preschool Dance Classes.