Student Spotlight

  • Sonia wins NATIONALS in Reflections competition
  • Briella on Violin - CM School of Fine Arts - Violin Lessons
    Briella scores 26 out of 28 in NYSSMA festival
  • Aivin at NYSSMA - CM School of Fine Arts - Viola Lessons
    Aivin scores 98 out of 100 in NYSSMA festival
  • Liam on Trumpet - CM School of Fine Arts - Trumpet Lessons
    Liam is given First Trumpet on Catalina March
  • Willow's Arbor Day Poster - CM School of Fine Arts - Art Classes
    Willow wins the Town of Clifton Park's Arbor Day Poster competition

Student Spotlight at CM School of Fine Arts

Our "Student Spotlight" was created to honor and congratulate students who have worked diligently and accomplished greatness throughout their fine arts studies here at CM School of Fine arts in all categories of fine arts: Music, Dance, Art and Acting. We are so very proud of our hard working students and they deserve praise for all of their commitments to fine arts education.

Sonia at the Piano - CM School of Fine Arts - Piano LessonsOur music student Sonia Singh places FIRST out of 900 in NATIONAL REFLECTIONS COMPETITION!

Each year, students in Pre-K through Grade 12 are invited to create and submit original works of art in the areas of Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Visual Arts. Based on State PTA rules and guidelines, these works of art may be submitted for state and national level awards and recognition opportunities.

the National PTA received over 900 student entries from 47 state PTA congresses in all the available arts categories. Of these 900 students, around 200 are recognized in different levels of achievement, with the highest honor of recognition being "Outstanding Interpretation."

We are very proud to announce that Sonia Singh, age 14, was the top recognized student with her original song, "Rainbow", in the entire Music Composition category this year! Sonia has been taking music lessons with our School Director, Miss Collette, here at CM School of Fine Arts. She specifically has focused on composition for the last 3 years. With her teacher's help, Sonia has climbed up the ranks from first winning at regional, then state, to now winning the highest level of recognition at the highest ranked music composition award available! Thank you, Miss Collette, for your teaching and super big congratulations to Sonia for your outstanding accomplishment!

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Briella on Violin - CM School of Fine Arts - Violin LessonsCongratulations to Briella and her fantastic score of 26 out of 28 points on her NYSSMA festival scoring!

Briella is a hard working student who has achieved many great accomplishments with her violin talents, including her current title of Jr. Teen Spirit of NY and the following past titles:

  • National United Miss Preteen of NY
  • 3rd runner up for National United Miss
  • Young Miss Military Star of NY

Thank you for your dedication to your studies, and congratulations on your recent NYSSMA success!

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Aivin at NYSSMA - CM School of Fine Arts - Viola LessonsCongratulations Aivin for your outstanding performance at NYSSMA! Your hard work and dedication shines through everything you put your heart into, and you truly deserve praise and congratulations on a job well done!

Aivin recently participated in all-state level NYSSMA with his solo piece "Follia con Variazioni” Sonata No. 12 by Corelli.

All-state is the highest scoring level at the NY State Student Music Association’s music festival (NYSSMA). Performers are scored out of 100 points on sight-reading, scales, and solo piece mastery. So we congratulate Aivin on his nearly perfect score of 98 points! 

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Liam on Trumpet - CM School of Fine Arts - Trumpet LessonsA big congratulations to a well deserving and well rehearsed student, Liam!

Liam started trumpet lessons with one of our teachers about a year ago. His main goal was “to make first trumpet in band.” He has practiced diligently, had great lesson attendance, and always kept a great attitude since then, and he deserves a round of applause for reaching that goal!

Great job on making first trumpet on Catalina March, you deserve it!

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Willow's Arbor Day Poster - CM School of Fine Arts - Art ClassesOur art student Willow A. just won first place for the Clifton Park Arbor Day Poster Contest!

Clifton Park was designated as a "Tree City USA" by the National Arbor Day Foundation in recognition to the towns commitment to being an important part of our ecosystem.

To be certified as a Tree City USA, communities must:

- Create and maintain a tree board or department.

- Formally adopt a community tree ordinance.

- Spend at least $2 per capita on urban forestry.

- Hold an Arbor Day celebration each year.

In honor of Arbor Day and the town's commitment to our ecosystem, the town of Clifton Park held an "Arbor Day Poster Contest" to help raise awareness for our trees and our ecosystem in the local community. This year's winning participant was none other than one of our beloved art students, Willow! 8-year old Willow started this poster idea at home, and brought it to her art teacher here at CM School of Fine Arts to help her bring it to life. With hard work and creative guidance from her teacher, she won first place and we are so proud of her!

Willow will be recognized by the town for her outstanding accomplishment at their next board meeting where she will be awarded her prize.

Thank you for your teaching, Miss Lydia, and a great big congratulations to Willow! You truly deserve it!

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