Hip-Hop Dance 3


Hip-Hop Dance 1 - Photo by Andy Iorio

Hip-hop is one of the most popular styles of dancing. Movements in hip-hop are less fluid than other dance styles. One thing that separates hip-hop dance from other forms of dance is that hip-hop is often more improvisational. Hip-hop is known for its cool moves and quick spins.

In this class you will learn techniques such as popping, locking, waving, breaking and more. This style of dance is a great workout and helps to build core muscle strength. Our class is great for both boys and girls. It’s also a great way to get comfortable out on the dance floor and will give you the confidence needed to stand out at the next sweet 16, prom or wedding.


We have exciting and entertaining performances with our ballet recital and our jazz / hip-hop recital. Call us today or stop by and you will see why more families in the Clifton Park area trust us for dance instruction each year over any other dance studio.
Required Dance Wear:

  • School issued uniform t-shirt
  • Black track pants or jazz pants
  • Black jazz shoes or new indoor cross-trainers
  • ***Cross-trainers cannot be worn outdoors – shoes must only be worn on our dance floor ***

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Dance Classes

  • 30 minute Class
  • 45 minute Class
  • 1st 60 minute Class
  • 2nd 60 minute Class
  • 3rd 60 minute Class
  • 90 minute Class


Private Dance Lessons

  • 30 minute Lessons
  • 45 minute Lessons
  • 60 minute Lessons