Here at CM School of Fine Arts, we strive to not only enrich the lives of our students in elementary, middle, and high school, but for adults as well! With our wonderful ballroom program, you will get to learn from our award-winning dance instructors that use ballroom dancing to improve life as a whole. Whether it is to fulfill a life-long dream, reconnect with a loved one, build self-esteem, seeking weight loss, or craving a sense of friendship and community: ballroom dancing at CM School of Fine Arts is the best place in Clifton Park, NY to achieve any goal you may have in a very fun, easy, and musical way!!

Features/ Benefits:

  • Private/ one on one lessons (no ballroom partner needed)
  • Group classes to strengthen patterns and techniques learned
  • Practice parties to enjoy your dancing with a teacher around before you take your skills out into the real world
  • Date night packages that truly set the mood
  • Wedding packages for that special day coming up