Pre-School Art Lessons

Pre-School Art

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Thru guided art instruction, the Preschool Art Program allows young children (ages 3-5) to develop important skills while preparing for more advanced learning in the future. During this class, children engage in a variety of mixed media materials. They explore drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage projects. With the creation of an art project within the Preschool Art Program at CM School of Fine Arts, also comes the cultivation of fine motor skills, communication skills, learning to follow directions, increased attention span, self-confidence, self-esteem and enriched imaginations. Along with a completed art project, each child will come away with the understanding of fundamental art concepts such as basic shapes, line, color theory, composition, stories of art history and an art vocabulary. Children also learn about influential past and contemporary artists and their artistic styles.

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CM School of Fine Arts showcases the art accomplishments our students have achieved in their individual art programs by hosting Art Exhibitions displaying their artwork for family, friends and the community to enjoy. The exhibit is displayed for an entire month with a special Opening Reception to meet the artists.

* Age groups and times can be flexible…please inquire; new classes are always forming!

Call (518) 383-6654 ext. 5, to find out about available class times and to Register for Classes Today!

Art Classes

  • 45 minute Class

*All classes are once a week*
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