Theater Arts

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Our Theater program offers a wide range of classes to fit the needs of a wide range of people. Whether you are in love with the limelight or terrified by even the prospect of going onstage, you have a place to grow in our creative community. Taught by university-trained, experienced performers, our classes offer you or your child the ability to develop as an actor, playwright, comedian, or cabaret-extraordinaire. Our students grow in self-confidence and create long-lasting friendships as they use their bodies and imaginations to make stories come to life!

All ages and levels of experience are welcome!

Theater Arts Class, Mondays 6:00-8:00pm

Welcome to the class where students may find and refine their talents related to acting, singing, and dancing through fun interactions in a supportive environment. Theater arts also help improve skills related to imagination, creativity, improvisational ability, public speaking, empathic thinking, and more! 

Lessons are customized to help students overcome specific obstacles they might be facing. Students will also have the chance to present their learned skills at several showcases throughout the year, the contents of which will be customized to the students involved, rather than being predetermined. 

“The stage is calling you… it’s your time to shine!”