Student Scholarship Program

The Christian M.K. Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Christian M.K. Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund supports arts education for children throughout the Upstate NY's Capital District as well as high school seniors within our school who are seeking to pursue the arts  in higher education.

Christian Martin, the scholarship fund's namesake, was a vibrant and energetic 25 year old man who knew what he wanted and went after it. During his young life, Christian was a great teacher, conductor, composer, and strong advocate of music education. Christian was also head of our bowed strings department.  His passion and natural leadership skills helped to inspire, develop, and transform hundreds of students in his short career. Christian fought hard to hold on to life after he was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma. He was taken from us in a blink. Even though he is no longer with us, his dedication, and spirit are still with us, motivating and inspiring us with his vision.

It was Christian's vision to provide a way for any child who has the desire to learn an instrument have the opportunity to do so.  We at CM School of Fine Arts have setup the Christian M.K. Martin Memorial Scholarship to ensure that these opportunities happen for children every year going forward. In addition, the fund will gift at least one scholarship annually to a student from any discipline within music and the fine arts to be put toward their pursuit of the arts in higher education.