Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons


Daniel Zhang 10 year old guitar student




Guitar Lessons 2

We offer guitar lessons in all styles including classical, folk, jazz, and rock.  Students interested in music theory will begin their studies with a classical method to give them a strong foundation and technique that will allow them to pursue any style.  We have many performance opportunities throughout the year. We also offer a Guitar Ensemble class as well as a Rock Camp during the summer.


And, if you can’t wait until the summer we also have a Rock Band class for ages 10 and up. You pick the people, you pick the songs, and we make the rest happen. Professional coaches and recording sessions are included. Concert opportunities are presented year round for bands to show off their awesome skills. Sign up today. Live the dream. Be a Rock Star!


Guitar Lessons 1 - Photo by Andy Iorio

On average students are ready to begin guitar around age 7 to 8 due to the size of their hands and of the instruments. Kids who express an interest in guitar at a younger age are encouraged to participate in a group music class or take Private Piano Lessons to get a good foundation to start on the guitar when they are old enough to play. We also offer Intro to Guitar for ages 7 and up, which is a group guitar class for students who enjoy working and interacting with others. The social interaction keeps them motivated in a fun, friendly environment.


All of our guitar teachers are highly qualified, university trained instructors. We pride ourselves in our ability to match each student with a teacher of appropriate age, interests, and abilities. Having a good student-teacher match allows for optimal learning conditions in a fun, comfortable environment. Many of our teachers actively perform in the Capital District and have original music that can be found on iTunes. At
CM School of Fine Arts, we believe in setting a good example, so we strive to connect students with teachers that will inspire them and motivate them to always be their best.

Bass Guitar Lessons - Photo by Andy Iorio

Private Music Lessons

  • Private 30 minute Lessons
  • Private 45 minute Lessons
  • Private 1 hour Lessons

Note: All fees must be paid by pre-authorized debit at time of registration.

All tuition payments are made by and accepted by pre-authorized debit from bank or checking account only. Credit cards and cash are not accepted for individual in-person payments for lessons each month.